Information for Restaurant Owners

LunchBiz is a great way to add sales and expand your customer base without any extra advertising effort. Read on to see how LunchBiz and your restaurant would be a perfect fit.

What is LunchBiz? simplifies online ordering: It complies a selection of local restaurant menus and allows employees to order from those restaurants online. Each employee will be given their own account where they can place orders that will be set to arrive ASAP or set a specific time they want the delivery to occur.

Benefits to the Restaurant helps your restaurant increase profit by maximizing daily orders. As more companies register for the site, your list of potential customers is exponentially increasing. Each time a customer logs into, they have your menu available at their fingertips. With high fixed costs of rent and utilities, the boost of number of orders from is vital for your company's success.

Increasing the volume of orders.

Research has shown that ordering online tends to increase the size of a customer's order. provides complete access to your restaurant's full menu every time an employee logs in, making customers more likely to purchase extras such as sides or drinks.

Increasing efficiency. streamlines the ordering process by compiling all orders from one company before sending them to your restaurant. This decreases the probability of mistakes, cuts the cost of travel, and maximizes the productivity of your workers.

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